2015 Calendar cover image


Ignite Your Fire … Feed Your Soul … Build Your Faith … In Nature’s Sanctuary


Our four year marketing theme “Mark This Place” adapted from Bryan Sirchio’s song is entering its final year.  Each year we have used a foundational element of the earth to enhance the theme.  Three years ago our rock Cairns laid the foundation and set our path.  Two years ago we refreshed, renewed, and cleansed ourselves with water.  Last year we warmed our souls with fire.  This year we welcome the WIND!


Our activities, curriculum, and mission offering will all be geared around God’s gift of air through the wind.  The wind moves us, the wind shapes us, the wind calls us, the wind reminds us that the Holy Spirit is constantly with us!  We look forward to the creative and exciting ways the element of wind will come alive at Pilgrim Center and Moon Beach.


“Find a stone like Jacob and mark this place … surely God’s been with us here … and some day when we return, we’ll remember things we’ve learned … by God’s grace, mark this place.” 


2016 Three Tier Pricing

When you register you will have the following options from which to select:


  • The “subsidized rate” is the published rate in the calendar. The WCUCC generously invests in Outdoor Ministry through Our Churches Wider Mission (OCWM). Our budget is built knowing that at least 15% of our operating expenses must come through donations and grants. It also affirms that ALL ARE WELCOME and should not pay an upcharge to gather and worship with us.

  • The “actual rate” of attending our facilities is higher than our published rates. During online registration, guests will have the opportunity to forgo any subsidy and pay what it costs to attend, absent of any gift or grant.

  • Finally, a “legacy rate" will be offered. Those who see the value in attending camp and want this important ministry to thrive for years to come, will have the opportunity to fund the future. There are no guarantees that any gift or subsidy will always happen. Therefore UCCI needs to be prudent and forward thinking as we want these sites to be around and available for generations. 

 * Please note: Camp AweSum events will only have the published rate, they will not have the rate options listed above available.