In 2014 Pilgrim Center and Moon Beach will enhance our four year theme “Mark This Place” by immersing it in Water!  Building on the cairns that represented the element of earth, we will explore the many ways that God uses water in our lives.  From sustaining life to Baptizing our souls, God uses water to refresh, renew, and cleanse.  We hope that by exploring this beautiful element in an Outdoor Ministry setting that you too will experience refreshment, renewal, and a freeing of your soul.


Our activities, curriculum, and tithed mission offering will all be geared around God’s gift of water.  We will play in water, bathe in water, hydrate in water, and celebrate water in many beautiful ways.  


Our published rates are the regular rates. If you are a member of a church in the Wisconsin Conference of the United Church of Christ  or the Winnebago Presbytery,  you have subsidized our program through your generous gifts to Our Churches Wider Mission.  Thank you for your gift, your discount will be applied at check out. 


Construction on Hwy 23

When driving to Pilgrim Center please be aware of the construction on Hwy on the link below for more information.